Governor Bryant announces budget cuts

Governor Phil Bryant

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Governor Phil Bryant announced significant budget cuts to the state budget due to declining revenue collections.

The Mississippi State Economist made a recommendation to the Joint Legislative Committee in November 2015 to reduce the 2016 revenue projections by $64,900,000.

The state’s revenue collections were falling up until December 2015 but were ahead 2014 collection reports.

Governor Bryant says

I am required by state law to impose budget cuts when revenue collections do not meet out estimates—and they have not.

Governor Bryant transferred $35,208, 583 from the Working Class Stabilization Reserve Fund to the State General Fund to stabilize the budget.

Governor Bryant also cut 1.5% of most state agencies’ budgets but left some budgets alone like the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.  He says if more cuts need to be made then they will consider cutting in untouched areas.

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