Community reacts to Donald Trump’s comments

SUMRALL, Miss – Donald trump is famous for speaking his mind but one of his most recent comments has sparked controversy. Trump said Muslims should be banned from the United States. WHLT spent some time in an Islamic community in Lamar County and some people don’t agree with Trump’s opinion of Muslims.

“We’re not about race hatred we put that stuff down and picked up the Koran,” said Abdul Hakim Shareef.

Shareef lives in The New Medinah community in Sumrall. He said the Islamic religion is misunderstood, “What Isis represents is not Al-Islam.” He said people should get to know Muslims before passing judgment.

“All that won’t do anything but help bring out about more misunderstanding of the religion. None of that is representative of what Al-Islam is about. What Isis is about, people beheading…that’s not Al-Islam. If people of America really want to know what Al-Islam proper is, they should investigate the community of W. Deen Mohammed.”

Shareef continued, “There’s no superiority of white over black, black over white, Jew over Arab, Arab over Jew, the only thing god recognizes is your righteousness.

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