More Seminary aldermen resign

SEMINARY, Miss. (WHLT) – Two more aldermen have resigned from Seminary Board of Aldermen.

Aldermen Freddy Bullock and David Aultman stepped down after Tuesday’s regularly scheduled board meeting.

Mayor Pro Tem Dawn Kelly says the men resigned siting family and work reasons.

These resignations come just a couple of weeks after Seminary Mayor Billy Karolyi, Alderman David Daniel, and Town Attorney Rusty Fortenberry called it quits.

According to Kelly, Fortenberry’s resignation was due to family reasons.

“We sincerely regret these resignations, but will continue to move forward as directed by our state government,” Kelly said.

With just one alderman and a mayor pro tem remaining, the town is now waiting for Governor Phil Bryant’s office to appoint temporary aldermen.

These aldermen will allow the city to conduct it’s normal business until a special election date is set.

There will be a special election for Mayor and one alderman position on December 15th.

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