Hundreds crowd Downtown Collins to speak out against ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’ complaint

COLLINS, Miss. (WHLT) – Tuesday night, hundreds gathered on Main Street in Collins for what was described as the city’s most powerful revival. But, it wasn’t a revival.

The crowd came together in front of City Hall for the Board of Aldermen’s meeting. Mayor V.O. Smith had the street blocked off because of the large turnout.

The big topic was a letter the city received from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The organization says Christian displays in one of the city’s public parks are unwelcoming to non-Christians.

At least four hundred townspeople sang and chanted outside in support of the mayor not taking down the displays.

“It really set a fire under us to do all we can to keep this park operating so we’re hoping that we will be successful in doing this,” Mayor V. O. Smith said.

Mayor Smith says been he’s in communication with attorneys to prepare for any possible lawsuit from the foundation.

For now, he says he doesn’t have a plan to take the displays down.

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