Update: Officers indicted for sex with inmate, 1 sentenced

Richard Pack


Update: Richard Pack went before Marion County Circuit Court today and pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity between certain individuals and offenders incarcerated in correctional facilities or on correctional supervision.

Pack was sentenced to 5 years with 4 1/2 suspended.

He will serve 6 months and have to register as a sex offender.

He appeared before Madison County Circuit Court last month, and was sentenced to the same amount of time.

But according to 15th District Attorney Hal Kitrell, the sentences will run concurrent. This means Pack will only serve 6 months total.

Kitrell say the other 3 officers accused with this crime will have their trials in January.


COLUMBIA, Miss. – Four former Columbia Police Officers are facing indictments that allege they had sex with an MDOC inmate.

District Attorney Hal Kitrell tells WHLT a year long investigation by the MBI presented evidence that former officers Justin Herrington, Josea Oatis, Richard Pack and Shawn Williams had sexual activity with an inmate named Rhianna Nichols.

The indictments state that the relations began in 2013, when Nichols was assigned to work detail at Columbia City Hall.

Kitrell says the relations continued through June of 2014, before the officers left the force. Herrington resigned from Columbia PD in July of 2014. Williams was terminated, and Pack and Oatis resigned in August of 2014.

All of the men face at least one count of sexual activity with an inmate.

Kitrell says the charge faces up to 5 years in prison each.

According to Kitrell, Herrington and Oatis are scheduled to begin trial on October 5, 2015. Pack and Williams will appear before court on June 11, 2015, where their trial dates will be set.



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