Walthall County Jail temporarily closed

WALTHALL COUNTY, Miss. – The Walthall County Jail is temporarily closed. The sheriff recently of rid of inmates and laid off employees.

According to Sheriff Duane Dillon, the inmates that were housed at the Walthall County Jail were moved to the Marion-Walthall Correctional Facility in Columbia on Monday.

Jail Administrator Willie McKnight said he was blindsided when he learned he would be out of a job. He along with 2 other employees were let go due to the closing.

In a press release from the sheriff’s office, low inmate numbers were cited as the reason for the shut down.

The sheriff state Walthall County is allowed to send up to 10 inmates to the facility in Columbia at no cost to the county. He says there were 6 inmates to moved.

Board of Supervisor President Larry Montgomery said Sheriff Dillon, who lost the August primary election, is battling an illness and has been in and out of jail management.

According to the Chancery Clerk’s Office, the county will save $35,000 on personnel over the next 3 months.

But, the $2.8 million jail will remain empty until inmates increase, or a new sheriff takes over in January.

We’re told two jail employees were able to keep their jobs, but they were moved from full time to part time.

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