Car burglaries on the rise in the Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – According to local law enforcement, car burglaries are on the rise in the Pine Belt.

Both Hattiesburg and Ellisville Police Departments are warning citizens about leaving their car doors unlocked.

Ellisville PD needs your help identifying the man in the video above.

Investigator Scott Walker says the man in the video might be connected to a rash of car burglaries that happened in the city during the course of a week.

This surveillance is from September 21st, near downtown Ellisville. (investigator scott walker, ellisville pd)

“So far within the past week we’ve had about ten, so we’re thinking that it is connected,” Walker said.

Hattiesburg Police say they’ve gotten reports of 17 car burglaries from September 17th through September 25th.

HPD is also reporting six guns were stolen among other property in these burglaries.

They say an overwhelming fact is that most of the time, people left their doors unlocked and the burglaries showed no forced entry.

“Make sure your car is locked. Even if it’s parked at your house, under your car port, in your driveway, out in front of your house, it does not matter. Double check your doors. Don’t just rely on your key fob,” Lt. Jon Traxler said.

According to Traxler, these burglaries were spread across the city. And their big concern is recovering the guns that are now on the streets.

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