Bellevue neighbors challenge incorporation efforts

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – We are learning not everyone in the Bellevue Community of Lamar County is happy about one group’s efforts to turn the area into a city.

James Williams is the leader of a group of neighbors who have come to together to stop the incorporation of Bellevue, “They can’t offer us nothing that we already don’t have. We’ve got water, sewer, garbage pick up, good fire protection.”

The group is called ‘Concerned Citizens of Bellevue’ and they say Bellevue’s proposed leaders haven’t convinced them forming a city would be of much benefit.

“We can’t find how they’re going to help us expect raise our taxes, charge us permit fees, sewer fees, water fees,” Williams said.

The group is also concerned that once they become a city, the council could pass ordinances that take away privileges of living outside city limits like popping fireworks, burning trash and owning livestock.

“They can take our land and use it anyway they see fit, because they’ll have power to pass ordinance,” Williams said.

A month ago, the men and women who are expected to lead Bellevue if it becomes a city, asked their neighbors to help pass the petition to incorporate.

One of the biggest benefits they listed was local tax money going back to the city for use.

But this fast growing group against the incorporation says they want to see a budget, which has not been released yet.

“It will bankrupt basically everybody. And if they want to go bankrupt, let them have a city. I don’t want one,” said  one concerned citizen during a Monday afternoon gathering.

“You can’t run a fire department. You can’t run a police department. You can’t run a judicial department, a sewage, a garbage, parks and recreation. There’s nothing that can be done there”, another taxpayer said.

‘Concerned Citizens of Bellevue’ are in the process of creating a petition to block incorporation efforts.

We reached out to Bellevue to see how many signatures they have on their petition. Leaders tell us they are not divulging how many signatures they have, or how many they are lacking.

They told us “the effort is progressing and is on track with their expectations.”

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these two groups.

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