MDOT to change deadly intersection in Covington County

COVINGTON COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – Just about a mile and a half down from Tuesday’s accident  where an SUV crashed into the back of a school bus, killing two, there’s an intersection that has the people of Covington county concerned.

The intersection is U.S. Highway 84 and MS Highway 35.

“I feel like the entrance coming form Prentiss towards Collins is the problem. Where the little hill is, there’s not enough room to actually see a vehicle flying over the hill, and that’s where the accidents come about,” a concerned citizen said.

The deadly crossing sits at the west edge of the county, not far from Jefferson Davis County.

Drivers are tired of hearing about crashes, which a lot of times result in death.

“I think it would be a good idea to just close the whole intersection off,” a concerned citizen said.

Drivers are going to get what they want. The concern has sparked MDOT to make some changes.

According District 7 Enigneer Al White, MDOT has secured a contractor to block off MS Highway 35, making merge on to Highway 84 and turn around. He calls it a “J-turn.”

The project to making the intersection more safe is expected to be completed summer of 2016.

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