Forrest General Public Safety Officer loses 106 pounds in 7 months

HATTIESBURG, MS (WHLT)A Forrest General Public Safety Officer has lost 106 pounds in 7 months.

According to a release from Forrest General Hospital, Willie McDay says his reality check about his health came with the tragic death of his 62-year-old father in February 2015.

“My father passed in February this year- the end of February with renal failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and seeing him die in front of me – that really set me back. It really hurt me, and he was always saying, ‘I want you to lose weight and get back in shape because you don’t want to end up like me.’ And, that’s when I really started,” he said in the release.

So what did he do to achieve this massive goal? He cut back his calorie intake to 1500 calories a day and began doing water aerobics and exercising on the treadmill.

“I saw the weight falling off, and I dropped like six pants sizes. I was in a 54, and I’m down to a 48,” he said.

What does McDay recommend for people trying to make lifestyle changes or start a weight-loss journey?

“There’s always going to be something to get you off track, but once you start, it’s going to keep you on track. Then you can surround yourself with other people who are losing weight or in the health field, and they’ll keep you going. So the main thing is to start. Get off the couch, and just start doing something. Doing something is better than doing nothing,” he said.

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