September:National Recovery Month

MOSELLE, Miss – September is National Recovery month. It’s a time to focus on what it takes to overcome chemical abuse and shed light on those who have accomplished the goal of conquering an addition.

Elizabeth Brown is a recovering alcoholic and just received a 3 year sobriety coin from Clearview Recovery Center but she says it wasn’t easy.

As a former Clearview patient,Brown describes moments before and after her battle with this disease.

“Alcoholism had pretty much taken everything from me. My health, my spiritually, my dreams, my self-respect, my family.”

Elizabeth completed a 30 day program in August of 2012 relapsed and returned a month later. She hopes her journey can inspire at least one person to want more for their selves.

“When I came to Clearview,I was broken, I didn’t have any hope left. I really didn’t know that I had hope that I could stay sober or even have a life. During Clearview, I had just a glimmer. They gave me a glimmer.”

The acronym H.O.W is often used in the program; honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. Brown says without a support system, eagerness to grow and spirituality; recovery isn’t possible, “Willingness to listen to a sponsor, willingness to go to meetings and my sanity was restored to me. But just things I never thought I’d get to do, see or be; it all came back,” said Brown.

Brown has a message for anyone struggling to overcome an addiction, “You don’t have to drink anyone, you don’t have to do drugs anymore. There is a life, a good life, outside of all of those things. Get help sooner rather than later.”

“I was here thinking, you know life is over. It’s never going to have any zest to it. You get to where you can’t imagine going on drinking and you can’t imagine living without it. There’s just nothing to live for. And now I’m so blessed.”

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