65th Infantry Division reunite at Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, Miss – Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center typically serves as a foundation of training for soldiers but last week it was a place to reminisce for a few war heroes. Veteran and families of 65th Infantry Division visited Camp Shelby for a tour and luncheon at the Camp Shelby All Ranks Club.

World War II ended 70 years ago and the veterans of the 65th Infantry Division continue to hold annual reunions, this time at Camp Shelby.

The 65th Infantry Division formed in 1943, under the command of General George S. Patton, and disbanded in 1945. Later the 65th Division Association was formed to keep the spirit of soldiers alive. This division has been holding reunions for 62 years. They travel the United States, meeting at various memorial sites.

This is the third reunion to be held at Camp Shelby by the 65th Division Association. During their first visit in 1991, they dedicated a monument on the grounds of the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum.

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