Vigil held for slain Delta State professor

Dr. Ethan Schmidt
Dr. Ethan Schmidt

CLEVELAND, MS – It was a night of remembrance at Delta State as people came to remember Professor Ethan Schmidt, who was gunned down in his office by Shannon Lamb on Monday.

Family, friends, and community leaders all came together to remember the life of Professor Schmidt. Some people, who didn’t even know him, say it was important for them to be there to show support following a very tragic day.

Yesterday was a time of crisis; today is a time for healing. Hundreds gathered here at the quad on Delta State University’s campus to remember the life and legacy of professor Ethan Schmidt with a candlelight vigil.

Joycelyn Davis, a Delta State senior, said, “Impeccable. He was a nice. Excellent figure to our campus.”

For some who didn’t even know him, they too came to pay their respects.

vigil dsu3“We’re here to pray and lift people up and pray for healing for the community and for the school,” said Linda Overstreet.

But for Meaghan Vogelsang, the professor was no stranger. She worked as Dr. Schmidt’s teacher assistant. She said,

“I heard that everything was happening in Jobe Hall and I have his cellphone number and he was the first person I texted. I said, “hey praying you’re safe because I heard that all of this was happening in Jobe. And then it was like I got the call that he was pronounced dead and I just cried. I just lost it. And the first person I thought thing I thought of was his little girl because I mean she is in love with that man. And I’m a daddy’s girl too. My heart breaks for his kids and his wife.”

Professor Schmidt’s wife, Liz and his brother Jeff were also at tonight’s vigil, as the DSU family came together. Vogelsang says,

“I would want them to remember the life that he brought to this campus and the fun and his sense of humor that he had. Because it was just out of this world awesome. So that’s definitely what I would want people’s remember him by.”

People tonight were wearing green ribbons like this one in honor of Ethan Schmidt. Counseling will continue tomorrow for students here on campus.

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