Gautier Police release Shannon Lamb’s 911 call

Shannon Lamb called police after he shot and killed his girlfriend, Amy Prentiss. Gautier Police released the call. The transcript is below:

Dispatch: Gautier Police

Shannon Lamb: Um, yes you need to send a unit over to 2320 Santa Cruz.

Dispatch: What’s going on there?

Shannon Lamb: I shot my wife last night.

Dispatch: You said 2320 Santa Cruz?

Shannon Lamb: Yes… There’s a dog in the house. He’s a sweet dog and he’s not going to bother anybody, I’m sure he’s upset.

Dispatch: Okay sir, what is your name?

Shannon Lamb: That’s all I feel like saying right now. Just go and take care of her. You’ll find all of her family’s phone numbers and things in her phone. Contact them.

Dispatch: What is her name?

Shannon Lamb: Amy Prentiss

Dispatch: Amy Prentiss?

Shannon Lamb: Yes.

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