Family speak on Hattiesburg cold case

HATTIESBURG, Miss – “We’re just like those unsolved mystery cases on national television.” That’s what family members of a murder victim told us as they try to bring closure to a wound that was torn open two years ago.

Rachel Garner-Plummer is the sister to shooting victim Donald Haynes, “We’re just missing that piece of our life.”

It’s like a bad dream that you can’t walk away from, that’s how the family of Haynes describes coping with his death.

Thursday, August 20th marks two years since his passing, “It’s the day that changed our life forever,” said Plummer.

According to Hattiesburg Police Department, Haynes was found under his garage suffering from multiple gunshot wounds on the evening of August 20th, 2013. Haynes was pronounced dead at the scene, Plummer said he was shot five times.

Haynes was the second oldest child and left behind two children.

Plummer said she heard about a shooting in the same neighborhood Haynes lived in, but she never thought her brother would be the victim, “In a million years I never thought it would be my own flesh.”

Plummer tell us she spoke with her brother the day before, 4 words stay embedded in her mind “I love you sister, I love you sister. Those were the last words that came out his mouth, I love you sister.”

Haynes had just celebrated his 37th birthday, the week before he was gunned down. To commemorate Haynes, they highlight his life rather than the anniversary of his death, “Yes, he did get killed but I tell them he’s in a better place. It was his time but at the same time, it hurts, it hurts talking about it.”

HPD said this is an ongoing investigation so they look into any leads that could turn into a potential arrest. “The evidence that we collected that night, if for some reason evidence from another case comes in; and the two compare and are identical, then we can take that to grand jury and possibly get an arrest.”

The family says they want anyone with information to come forward, “You don’t have to tell the family; just tell the police and I’m pretty sure they’ll figure out something. And when we can understand the question why, then we can be at peace.”

If you have any information on this case, contact the Hattiesburg Police Department.

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