Drug rehab counselor caught trying to buy marijuana

JONES COUNTY, Miss – Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Monk was on duty at a local high school football game when he received a strange phone call.

Moselle native, Rikki Blackwell, 27, was calling to purchase marijuana, but she dialed the wrong number. The deputy assumed it was a prank phone call but soon realized otherwise.

Deputy Monk kept his identity concealed and set up a meeting with Blackwell following the game. Monk and Investigator, Sergeant Jared Lindsey met her at a closed convenience store. However, before the meeting began, Blackwell called Monk and stated, “Let me know if you see any cops because my tag is expired.”

Blackwell approached the unmarked vehicle, it was quickly determined that she was intoxicated. Lindsey’s window was rolled down enough to show their faces but as she approached;he rolled down the window completely,revealing their uniform. Blackwell said she was going inside the store, which was closed, for a beverage. Shortly after, she admitted to being there to purchase marijuana.

The deputies asked Blackwell her profession, she informed them she was a counselor at a drug rehab.

Blackwell was taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to possess marijuana and DUI.

She currently has a large amount of unpaid fines with the Jones County Justice Court.


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