Two soldiers involved in vehicle accident on Highway 98

HATTIESBURG, MS – Two soldiers have been injured after an accident on Highway 98.

According to 155th ABCT Public Affairs Officer First Lieutenant Jennifer Frazer, around 1:30pm, two female soldiers were traveling on U.S. Highway 98 in New Augusta, trying to take supplies to soldiers training in the field.

They were driving an army M1078 LMTV, which is a light medium tactical vehicle, when their brakes locked.

Frazer says even though all their vehicles undergo regular maintenance, they’ve been doing a lot of off road training lately. Due to the training of the soldiers and the proper protective gear, they were able to handle the situation.

Both soldiers were wearing seat belts. They were taken to Forrest General hospital with minor injuries and have been released.

These soldiers are part of the 155th Brigade Combat Team. They are participating in XCTX training (exportable combat training exercises) going on right now at Camp Shelby.

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