Sheriff candidate’s signs vandalized

JASPER COUNTY, Miss – With the primary election just over two weeks away, at least one Pine Belt candidate is dealing with more than just hitting the campaign trail.

Someone is going around Jasper County vandalizing political signs. Randy Johnson had to deal with this same issue not too long ago, “The first time I think it was kids…”

In May, we told you that political signs for Jasper County Sheriff’s candidate Randy Johnson were damaged. So when we heard about these recent events, we reached out to Johnson for his reaction, “…But this time I think it’s more on a personal basis.”

Johnson said this happened three nights in a row, in three different locations within the county.

We’re told it started last Thursday, “A friend of mine has a 4×4 sign in the front of his house. He called me at 6:30 in the morning and said someone pulled it up, and threw it in a ditch across from his house.”

The very next day, he received another call from a supporter, “…Saying, hey man they cut all your signs up north of town.”

Just when he thought it was over, he received another call Saturday, “…Saying, hey man I’m going 15 south toward Laurel and all your signs are torn up.”

Johnson told us he’s not the only candidate dealing with vandalism, but despite efforts to bring negativity to this race; he’s moving forward.

“I’m set on accomplishing the goal that I set out and that’s running a good, clean campaign. Try to bring a change to Jasper County with good, experienced law enforcement and just keep moving,” said Johnson.

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