Snow ball stand holds 50 summers legacy

The little green snow ball stand has been serving Hattiesburg families for 50 years.

HATTIESBURG, MS – For close to 50 years, the corner of Adeline and West Florence Streets has been known for one thing…the green snow ball stand.

“I remember the first couple of years it was white I believe, and then he painted it this color green. When I purchased it I continued with the color because that’s what people know and love,” Mike Phillips, the current owner of Alpine Snow said.

Phillips remembers coming to the iconic small shack when it was called the Snow House. That was before he bought it 20 years ago.

“I grew up standing right here in line with my parents getting snow balls,” Phillips said.

Alpine Snow has created a legacy in the community that’s kept people coming back for years.

For generations kids have enjoyed one of the over 50 flavors and countless combinations.

“I’ve lived in Detroit, Michigan for the last 48 years. Every year since that time, I have traveled back here and our first stop is right here at this snow ball stand,” Linda Falconer said.

From March to October, business is at a steady pace. But the owner says June and July are obviously the busiest months.

He says they can pump out up to 300 snow balls a day.

Phillips also makes his own blocks of ice.

He says they can go through about 15 blocks a day when they’re busy.

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