Hub City gets flight school

A new flight school premieres in the Hub City.

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – According to Majestic Aviation, a lack of licensed pilots has created a need for pilot programs to get people in the skies.

“There used to be a tremendous amount of people to come out of the military and would be able to go into the airline world. The military doesn’t have as many people going into the training because of drones and things of that nature. The ones that are going in are staying longer,” said Majestic Aviation Co-owner Glen Pace.

Majestic Aviation and Cessna Pilot Center have teamed up to bring a hands on pilot school to the Hub City.

It’s the 3rd of it’s kind in the state.

“Academics can be done online. They can come out to the airport do all of their flight training that applies to college credit, and they can actually get degrees in aviation and become a professional pilot,” said Pace.

According to Majestic, for right now the degrees can be completed through Liberty University or Kansas State University, but negotiations with local schools are in the works.

Hands on training takes place at the Hattiesburg Bobby Chain Airport.

At the end, students will be equipped with a commercial or private license.

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