Church hit by destruction rebuilding with Tools of Ministry

ELLISVILLE, Miss – About 10 years ago a small church outside of Ellisville was hit by the life-changing event that was Hurricane Katrina, but until recently it didn’t affect their worship service. However, faith and kindness can make the unthinkable happen.

Katrina ripped a hole in the roof of the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church sanctuary. Deaconess Lori Anderson explains, “We didn’t know the roof was damaged to the point that it was until we started looking up.” Pastor Ira Terrell said the initial shock of the devastation was stressful, “The roof was damaged and about to cave in on us.”

However, the church was still standing and functional, until 3 weeks ago, “And we just knew we had to get someone quick to get the work done. We just didn’t know if we had the means to get it done.”

The resources needed to make it possible weren’t far away. The damaged building was torn down by members of the Pleasant Grove MB Church and soon after help was on the way.

After word got around this church was in need, Tools of Ministry along with other ministries teamed up to rebuild the sanctuary. Carol Carter with Tools of Ministry explains the process, “When we got here there was a slab and we raised the walls and basically what’s called blacking it in, we got a top on it and another group is doing the roofing today.”

Anderson said once Pastor Terrell made contact with Tools of Ministry, the support from the community came pouring in, “Others would say, well do you need a plumber, do you need someone to lay the cement for you. Everyone just came and did their part.”

Tools of Ministry is a group of five churches based in Alabama. This is their fifth year building churches and helping those most in need, “The goal is to equip local communities to reach others with the gospel of Christ,” said Carter.

Pastor Terrell tells us, “It’s been a blessing to us,” and they plan to open their sanctuary soon to continue to spread the positive word of God amongst the community.

Tools of Ministry provided free labor but the church did have to supply the building materials. It’s unclear when the sanctuary will be complete.

If someone would like to help the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church call Pastor Ira Terrell at 601.580.3572

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