6 horses dead, 12 struggling

MOSELLE, Miss. – A group of animal rescuers want answers after finding 17 malnourished horses and one dead in Jones County.

A facebook tip lead rescuers to land on Tower Road. They found a horse carcass half eaten by vultures, along with the horses.

When rescuers went to the land on Thursday 2 more horses died, and another had to be euthanized. Earlier today, another passed…making the death count at five.

Rescuers say some of the horses were underweight by as much as 500 pounds.

“They don’t know how to take care of them. You can tell that they dont care about them because if they did, they would have weight on them. They would be trimmed, groomed, pretty. They would be full of life. These horses look like they’re just walking around waiting to fall down and die,” said Andrew Daley with the Animal Rescue Team.

The rescue team has spoken with the owner.

According to them, she hasn’t expressed exactly why they weren’t being taken care of.

jones county horses2“We love our animals so much and then we go to see skin and bones walking around. It really hurts to see that people who have these animals as pasture ornaments,” said Daley.

The group plans to press charges against the owner. Jones County Sheriff’s Department investigators say the case is on-going.

If you would like to send supplies to help get the remaining horses back to good health, drop donations off at 291 Jordan Drive Laurel, MS.


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