Shooting at Green Tree Apt. in Lumberton

Shooting at Green Tree Apt. in Lumberton (Image 1)
Shooting at Green Tree Apt. in Lumberton (Image 1)

LUMBERTON, Miss – Police in the small town of Lumberton are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex. This comes just days after we told you last week that residents there said they fear for their own safety.

Green Tree Apartment resident Shirley Woods gave her account of the incident, “We were sitting out and all I heard was gun shots and I grabbed my grandchildren and I ran across the street.”

Cathryn Brooks said she was in her home when the shooting happened last night. She said at first, she thought it was fireworks, “They were fighting and shooting and one boy had a gun and was holding it like this. It looked like it had a banana clip on it.”

Lumberton Police Chief Elise Cowart said the shooting happened around 10:30pm last night at Green Tree Apartments. Police said two men; Tommy Dukes IV and Taji Mcnair were shooting at each other. Dukes was shot, “Everybody was hollering telling them somebody needs to get him to the hospital…it was a pretty good bit of blood.”

He was taken to Forrest General by a friend. Bullets and shell casing went flying, damaging several cars. Lumberton Police Chief Elsie Cowart told us one bullet landed in a closet, “One bullet went through the front window, the living room wall, bathroom shower, and lodged into their closet wall.”

Tarrius Clark said at least 7 shots were fired. His first thought was to save the children, “I had one baby under this arm, one baby under this arm, one on my back and we were running. I thought I was superman.

Shirley Woods tells us it was total chaos. She said, thankfully, no one else was hurt, “All I know, we was fearing for our life over here.”

Dukes is now in custody of Lamar County Sheriff’s Department. He’s charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, malicious mischief and threats on a police officer.

Police are still searching for Mcnair. Officers said he is considered armed and dangerous.

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