‘Library Looter’ gets away with cash and candy

'Library Looter' gets away with cash and candy (Image 1)

WAYNESBORO, Miss. – Just like churches and schools…libraries are pillars of a community.

That’s why the director of the Waynesboro Public Library says she’s shocked someone would take advantage of them.

No, not for their books.

Police say an after hours burglar got away with $300 to $400, and a load of candy.

The director is worried library looting will become a trend.

Managers at another branch think otherwise.

“I’m not a criminal but it would seem like a pretty poor choice if you are going to make a break-in,” said Hattiesburg Public Library Assistant Director Sean Farrell.

“At 20 cents a day overdue fines and 20 cents a page copy, there’s not very much money in a library obviously,” said Farrell.

He says in his 30 years as a librarian, Farrell has only experienced one or two break-ins. For those, he says kids were responsible.

“The library is you know a big part of the community…I think people feel that it’s a special place,” said Farrell.

Last week’s burglaries were a first for the Waynesboro branch. So far, no arrests have been made.

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