Gulf Wars- A War with No Enemies

LUMBERTON, Miss – There is an organization bonded by love of history and the middle ages; it’s called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Members of the society are dedicated to re-creating the arts, skills and traditions of pre-17th- century Europe. This organization began about 25 years ago as a hobby for history buffs and science fiction fans. This once small society now has over 30,000 members; it’s grown into a lifestyle.

Master Erik of Telemark said his family’s membership with the SCA goes back 3 generations,“ The SCA is about chivalry and honor and respect. It’s a core value with everybody. We live the medieval period the way it should have been, we try to treat others better than the way we would treat ourselves.”

The Gulf Wars, A War with No Enemies, took place Friday. This means 17 kingdoms from across the United State came together to bond. Members of the SCA could be seen hand spinning wool, cooking, dying yarn, and knitting. They also have classes to encourage their youngest members to excel with research and community involvement. This organization is a hidden gem. SCA members tell me this club is a hobby but it’s more than warfare and fencing, they are a community of friends.

Countess Morgana of the Mist said her son introduced her to the society 17 years ago and she’s been hooked ever since, “So this kind of reinforces the fact that we should honor thy neighbor, be courteous to the person that’s coming down the street and you have no concept of who they are.”

The motto of the Glenn Abhann kingdom is “Honor above all.” Today a man was elevated from squire to a knight, exemplifying someone becoming the ideal person. A knight should not only be able to protect his fellow brother during combat but also encompass virtues and pass them along to the community.

His Royal Majesty Caillin says becoming a knight is an outward symbol and you must continue to pass along ideals to the community, “Now you are trying to set the example and show other people how to be just a generally good person. And that’s kind of the beginning of the journey.”

We spoke with “newbie” Elizabeth Wigglesworth. She said the SCA made her want to be a better person on a daily basis, “It’ll change you in a sense that I find myself wanting to be more patient with people in the mundane world cause I find myself being more patient with myself and humble within the SCA.”

Gulf Wars is one of five major wars held throughout the society. It’s held at King’s Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, MS.

Officials tell me they are always looking to broaden their reach and welcome new members into the society. The goal is to make the world around us a better place. To be a part of that change visit this website

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