Deep South Crawfish Cluster Dog Show

HATTIESBURG, Miss – Dogs from across the United States could be seen at the Forrest County Multi Purpose Center.
The Deep South Crawfish Cluster Dog Show made its way back to the Pine Belt.

The dogs are being judged on characteristics based off their breed.
A Hattiesburg resident, Satananda Hayden her husband were showing their prized whippets. She said breeders have an idea of what their dogs should look like in temperament and structure…and a dog show is confirmation of a job well done.

“We show our dogs so we can get external confirmation from judges and other breeders that our dogs actually meet the confirmation standards and are good examples to breed”

The dog show has been coming to the Pine Belt for several years, making a positive impact on the economy.

Kristen Brock is the Sales Manager at the Hattiesburg Tourism Commission.
Brock said, “…events such as the Deep South Crawfish Cluster bring a definite value to our local economy. It is through events such as this that visitors are able to enjoy a diverse adventure while in Hattiesburg. Special events are one of many aspects of Hattiesburg’s tourism economy, which had a $255 million overall economic impact in 2014.”

The Deep South Crawfish Cluster Dog Show is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club.

The community is invited to attend…the dog show will be in Hattiesburg until February 22nd.
Daily admission is free for children 10 and under and $3 for adults.

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