Girls Scouts of Greater Mississippi encourage “Cookies for Heroes”

It’s that time of year again…place your Girl Scout cookie order now! Starting next week booths will be set up at local businesses. If you’re not into sweets or on a diet…you can make a donation through “Cookies for Heroes”.

Karen Davis, Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi Product Sales Program Manager said, “we support the Mississippi National Guard men and women who serve overseas. And we also support all of our Gulf Coast Military”

The Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi started “Cookies for Heroes” 3 years ago as a way for the community and the Girls Scouts to give back to our soliders.

“the cookies are loaded on planes and are actually take to our men and women overseas…. The girls will receive profit for that…a credit towards their rewards”

Davis said sending cookies to soliders–gives them a small reminder of home, “the thing i’m most proud of is that $600 thousand dollars last year stayed with our troops…the girls can travel and give back to their communities”

If you’re in the Pine Belt beginning February 13-March 8th …you will see Girl Scout booths…stop…make a purchase or buy a box for our military overseas.

The traditional cookies flavors are Samoas, Trefoils, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs and Savannah Smiles. But beginning this year two new cookies are available…Rah Rah Raisin and Toffee Tastic, which is gluten free.

To place an order for cookies you can contact a Girl Scout directly or find a cookie booth near you using the “Cookie Locator,” found in the app store.

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