Jones County Teens Charged With Manslaughter

Jones County Teens Charged With Manslaughter (Image 1)

MOSELLE, Miss. – Jones County Major Jamie Tedford tell us deputies responded to a call just off of Old River Road at around 9:20 Wednesday night.

We’re told deputies found 17-year-olds Alexander Crews and Timothy Meadows standing near a pick-up truck as the body of 44-year-old Timothy Williamson laid on the ground.

According to Tedford, Crews’ mother has some type of relationship with Williamson.

Authorities say she was at the scene and made the call to 9-1-1.

“The statement we had gotten was that they were all in the truck coming back out from the river whenever this altercation occurred,” said Tedford.

The teens were taken into custody at the scene.

Today, they appeared before Justice Court Judge David Lyons for their initial hearings. 

They’re charged with manslaughter, and each was given a $100,000 bond.

The exact cause of Williamson’s death is still unknown.

“We can say that there was trauma to the head and facial area of the victim. We are still waiting for an autopsy from the Mississippi crime lab.”

No weapons were found on the suspects or at the scene on Wednesday night. 

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