Renter’s Insurance For College Students

Renter's Insurance For College Students (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – Fall semester is about one week in for colleges in the Pine Belt, for students living off campus hat means furniture is all moved in.

But most students don’t have a back up plan if something was to happen to all of their belongings.

That backup plan is renter’s insurance.

“I really have no idea what renter’s insurance is,” says Ahmari Lablue, a sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi.

He and many other students either have no clue what renter’s insurance is, or  have never thought it was important.

“It really hasn’t been a thought until now,” says junior student, Amber Allen.

But, in February 2013 a tornado ripped through Hattiesburg, damaging the campus and some close apartments. 

“Actually considering that one tornado came through campus, and Westgate is right there that’s an extra thing to think about,” says Brian Goff, a senior student who lives within walking distance from the campus.

Not only are natural disasters a threat, just plain accidents can leave a huge financial burden on students.

Jason Wesley, a State Farm Insurance Agent said, “We’ve had a student situation before where they accidentally left grease on the stove, and it caused a grease fire. Well, the fire spread to the unit next door and unfortunately the student was held responsible.”

Most students don’t have a plan for a “what-if”.

“I would cry, mentally break down, pray to God that hopefully I could get something back,” Ahmari LaBlue.

Some apartments do make tenants get renters insurance, but some students had a choice to purchase it and opted out. 

“I really dont know what I would do, because I’ve never thought about having renter’s insurance before now,” Amber Allen.

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