Plane Crashes In Stone County Thursday Night

Plane Crashes In Stone County Thursday Night (Image 1)

WIGGINS, Miss. – A single-engine plane in route to Mobile, Alabama crashed last night in Wiggins. Three texas men were aboard.

It happened last night on Oil Well Road around 6 p.m.

An eye-witness who lives steps from the crash says he was in the right place at the right time.

Willie Holmes remained humble when asked if he felt like a hero after rescuing a man from a crashed plane leaking fuel.

“I just thank God that he’s alive and the rest of them are alive. Because when you look at where they come from, it was a terrible crash and they all could have passed.”

Holmes says it sounded like two cars wrecking head-on when the single-engine plane came zooming over his home and crash landed across the street.

“We were about to have supper and I said let me step outside for a few minutes before the biscuits get ready to eat.”

 Holmes says he looked up and saw the plane brush the top of some pine trees. And it barely miss the middle of the street before coming down.

“It was heading east but it didn’t have the power to climb over to continue east. So what it did was turn south. I’m assuming it saw this field out here and tried to make it to the field.”

 That’s when he ran from his yard to find the three men aboard the plane in a terrifying situation.

“The pilot was being helped by another passenger, and the third passenger he was hanging out of the door…He was bleeding and everything so I went over to him and tried to work to get him out because fuel was leaking on him.”

 At that moment Holmes drug him across the street and took off his fuel-soaked shirt.

“We could hear a noise like a cylinder tank was leaking saying ‘sssssssss’. I said uh oh something’s going to blow here.”

 But luckily responders arrived in enough time to put foam over the fuel.

FAA investigators spent this morning surveying the scene to find out what went wrong.

They haven’t reported a definite cause.

Last night Stone County Officials said according to a passenger, the plane seemed to have lost power. 

 Lt. Lewis Husband with the Stone County Sheriff’s Department said, “the front seat passenger indicated that the pilot told him that as they were flying, they started losing power. He noticed that the propeller started getting slower and slower. Then they lost complete power.”

 Holmes says him being outside at that moment was a piece of his life’s purpose, “that’s what we’re here on this earth for, to help somebody else. It’s not about us all the time.”

The pilot, 62-year-old Jeff Bramblett of Mesquite and passengers 66-year-old Joe Paul Mentesara of Dallas and 43-year-old Jeff Franklin of Sherman were taken by ambulance to Forrest General Hospital.

Husband says Bramblett had head trauma, a broken arm and possibly other injuries. No life-threatening injuries have been reported.

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