Lamar County 2015 Budget Saves Taxpayers’ Dollars

Lamar County 2015 Budget Saves Taxpayers' Dollars (Image 1)

LAMAR CO., Miss – Good news for most Lamar County taxpayers, while the county is adding new projects to the 2015 fiscal year budget taxes are likely to decrease. 

Lamar County is finalizing the 2015 fiscal year budget and County Administrator Chuck Bennett says with the excess of new growth the county received from new properties paying taxes last year, they’re are able to move forward with some important projects this year without burdening citizens. 

The county will expect a new Emergency Management Agency Dispatch Center, some additions into Park and Recreations, and a new senior citizen center.

“It’s a building that will house dispatch and it’s probably one of the biggest projects that we’ve got coming on,” said Bennett.

 The dispatch center will make up 1.5 million dollars of the expected 38 million dollar expense budget.

“The majority of that money for the E 911 is paid for by the fees associated with your cell phone or your home phone. And so it’s not really tax revenue that’s going into that per say.”

 That leaves taxpayers’ money to be able to be spread between other upcoming projects. 

Bennett warns that not everyone in Lamar County will see a tax decrease.

Property items have to be taken into consideration.

“Everybody’s situation is different. If you added a swimming pool, you’re going to see an increase in your taxes because you added a taxable property item.”

 Bennett says and that good budgeting by the board and elected officials has awarded the county these new additions.

“You know one of the things that we’ve done a good job of here is that we’re very conservative. We have very little debt.”

A public hearing for the 2015 fiscal budget will be held on September 2nd in the Lamar Count boardroom.

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