Southern Miss’ New Director Of Greek Life Has High Hopes For The School Year

Southern Miss' New Director Of Greek Life Has High Hopes For The School Year (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – The University of Southern Mississippi has a new Director of Greek Life, and after last semester’s stabbing at a fraternity house they’re hoping to re-focus the objectives of students. 

“We hope to engage the community to raise additional money for philanthropic endeavors as well as doing some more community service activities,” Charles Childress, the new Director of Greek Life.

A Southern Miss graduate, Childress is not new to the Golden Eagle Family. And as a former member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, he says he feels that he has a grasp on what’s best for greek students on campus.

“We feel that through the involvement in the greek organizations we can focus on the holistic development of students which is extremely important as they graduate and prepare for life after college.”

Just months after a brawl leading to a stabbing at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, Childress says the greek life administration is going into the new school year re-enforced.

“We actually do active case studies with them showing them news stories and case law that exist throughout the country, so that they’re aware of what’s going on so that they can try to mitigate that and make sure that it doesn’t happen with our students here”.

 And greek students seem to have high expectations for themselves as well. 

Senior student and fraternity member Taner Watson says, “I think it was a one time thing. Here at Southern Miss we’re not known for fighting. We’re not known for causing trouble. That was just a one time mishap. I really don’t see it happening again.”

 According to Childress, in the past school year the average greek student achieved a 3.1 GPA, volunteered 34 community service hours, and donated over $183. 

Childress said, “We’re very proud of that statistic. We feel like we’re above the average in the southeast region”

“Just all the way around personal accountability has been the biggest difference I think,” said Taner Watson.

Once classes re-boot, rush will begin as early as August 31st for the sororities and fraternities.

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