Local Group Home Receives Surprise After Facebook Post

Local Group Home Receives Surprise After Facebook Post (Image 1)

PURVIS, Miss. – A local group home takes a cable bill dispute to facebook and receives a surprising response.

“Thirteen-hundred bucks for us is a lot of money. That’s enough to feed every kid on this campus for one year,” said Michael Garrett, the founder and operator of Homes Of Hope For Children.

That’s how much money Garrett says Comcast was supposed to credit the non-profit organization that has provided less fortunate children with a normal home setting since 2010. 

Garrett says that after he saw an incorrect charge on a bill dating back to last year, he began making calls to customer service.

“They admitted that they had made a mistake and that they owed us close to $1,300.”

That was in February, when Garrett claims the company was supposed to credit the money for internet, cable and phone services.

“Well, we never got a credit to our account.”

So, he took the issue to Facebook and asked supporters of the group home fore donations.

“My hope was that enough people would share it and make comments, that eventually it would get to the right person at Comcast.”

But to his surprise, one of Comcast’s competitors stepped up first.

Satellites Unlimited, a Birmingham based DISH provider, commented on Homes Of Hope’s Facebook post.

They offered to send a check to the group hom in the amount Comchome owed them.

Garrett said, “We just felt a sense of thankfulness that this business and the leaders there thought enough of us, and cared enough about our ministry to do something like that.”

Chris Guest, VP of Operations for Satellites Unlimited said, “The owners and the senior leaders of this organization really saw an opportunity to be able to utilize our presence and finances to really make a difference in the lives of the people that mean the most to us. And that’s the communities that we operate in.”

After all of the attention from Facebook, Garrett says a Comcast representative contacted them about the money they said they would credit, “he said that they would definitely credit our account. At this point I guess I’ll believe it when I see it.”

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