People of the Pinebelt: Parasailing Man

People of the Pinebelt: Parasailing Man (Image 1)
People of the Pinebelt: Parasailing Man (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Lance Sanderford. This Oak Grove businessman has been power parasailing around West Hattiesburg for three years now.

“It’s a lot like being Superman, because you take off running and all of a sudden you just lift off. It’s just the greatest most relaxing escape.”

The Marine Veteran says serving in Desert Storm gave him an adventurous appetite. 

“I don’t have any fear of heights. And when I’m flying, I dont think ‘oh my gosh what happens if I fall or what happens if the shoot or something broke’.”

Pinebelt residents will only see Lance in the early morning or late afternoon skies.

He says he never flies when it’s too windy, to avoid any added risk.

And so far it has worked. He says he’s never had any near death experiences, but has scraped up his leg once before.

“I thought I had enough momentum and enough lift and take off…It was during the winter when it was all rocks and dirt. I slide across the ground on the side of my leg.”

If you ever look up and see a bright yellow and red stripe in the sky, give Superman Lance a wave.

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