HPD Will Hosts Night Out Against Crime

HPD Will Hosts Night Out Against Crime (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – National Night Out Against Crime is approaching early August.

 The Hattiesburg Police Department is hosting a kick-off party for the city next week.

Everyone is invited to Tatum Park on July 30th for free health screenings, door prizes and food.

HPD wants to send a message to the community about the importance of working together when it comes to neighborhood surveillance.

“It’s just basically a time for everybody to get together and find out who your neighbors are and figure how to work together to kept your neighborhood safe. This particular event was actually started to help cut down on crime in your particular neighborhood, find out who supposed to be there and who’s not supposed to be there,” said Lt. Jon Traxler.

Below is the schedule for Night Out Against Crime on August 5th:

Statements from Officials – 11 a.m. (City Hall Fountain) 

Family Fun and Free Food – 5 p.m. (Target) 

Neighborhood Block Parties – 6 p.m. (Individual Neighborhoods)

Contact HPD to find out if your neighborhood is registered.

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