Jones County Officials are Searching for Yard Equipment Thieves

Jones County Officials are Searching for Yard Equipment Thieves (Image 1)

JONES CO., Miss. – Several Jones County residents have become victim to a yard equipment operation, losing thousands of dollars worth of tools.

“It’s a bad feeling when you come home and you see your gate wide open…and everything’s gone,” said Randy Holmes of Claiborne Road.

According to County Officials, at least 8 to 10 reports have been made about stolen yard tools and four wheelers.

From Holmes, the thieves got away with a side-by-side, lawn mower, pressure washers, chain saws, weed eaters, and more. All of these items totaled up to about $26,000.

Officials say the thieves are very bold, even making some of their moves while owners are home.

“Most people assume that just because the unit is inside a shed, that it’s secure and I wish it were that way,” said Jones County Major Don Scott.

Holmes says he was targeted when he was out-of-town,”The chain was cut. The double gate was open…the lock was beating out of the door.”

Residents on the North side of the county have been hit the hardest.

Holmes says that at least three other sheds on Claiborne Road, between Sandersville and Laurel have been hit in the recent months.

Investigators at the Sheriff’s Department say the thieves are most likely taking the stolen equipment to be sold in neighboring states.

The Sheriff’s Department has an on-going investigation.

For now they advise residents with this type of expensive equipment to document serial numbers and keep the area around sheds well lit.

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