HPD Says Auto Burglaries are Down

HPD Says Auto Burglaries are Down (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – According to Hattiesburg Police Department, car burglaries in the city are down almost half as much as last summer.

But, what they’ve found is most reports are actually incidents of negligence.

Lieutenant John Traxler says out of the 30 auto burglaries reported last month, about 22 were because citizens left their doors open.

Aside from locking your door, he says the first step in preventing yourself from becoming a theft victim is concealing your items.

“Don’t leave purses, wallets, cameras, cell phones laying out visible. Your gps devices, take those off the dashboard and put them in your console,” said Traxler.

If your valuables are in sight your car has now become a target. And the first thing thieves will do, is try your doors.

“Because that doesn’t look suspicious to somebody. Whereas if somebody’s gotta break a window or they’re sitting there beating on a door, trying to get a door open, that looks suspicious to them.”

However, if you must leave something in the cabin, always have a blanket or jacket to cover it up.

Some Hattiesburg residents say they have routines to prevent burglary, like pressing their keypad more than once.

But Traxler warns that you shouldn’t rely on the keypad, and double check your doors.

Lastly, try to park in a well lit area at night.

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