City Council Tables Decision to Terminate Groundworx Contract

Hattiesburg City Council

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – Hattiesburg City Council tabled the vote to terminate agreements with Groundworx at today’s council meeting.

It’s a decision Mayor Dupree hopes doesn’t cost too much more money. He says it’s unfortunate that it’s being tabled, but he respects the council’s need to mull things over.
Earlier today, Pearl River Chancery Court denied the company’s temporary restraining order against the city. The order was requested in hopes of blocking termination papers.

If the contract is ended with the waste management company, Groundworx claims the city will owe them $6 million plus attorney fees.

Councilwoman DDeborahDelgado was against the Groundworx agreement when it was initially voted on in January.

“I didn’t think it was in the best interest of the city of Hattiesburg to got that route,” said Delgado.

She still stands firm that it costs too much. In today’s meeting she suggested a second auditor is brought in.

“I hope hat we can do the right thing, so that we move forward and come up with a waste water treatment process that’s going to be best for hattiesburg,” said Delgado.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental QQualitygave Hattiesburg until 2017 to have a proper wastewater system. So, until a decision is made with the Groundworx contract, the city is at a stand-still.

“Until such time the contract is terminated, there’s no need to talk with anyone else or put anything up for bid,” said Dupree.

The project costs $142 million. According to the contract, the city would pay off bonds over a thirty-year period.

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