How To Prepare Your Pet for July 4th

Hub City Humane Society Wins $25,000 (Image 1)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – The Fourth of July might be a night of firework fun for humans, but  not so much for pets.

“The loud noises tend to scare animals. And you have animals that will act in a way that they normally never would, like jumping fences,” says Katherine Sammons, Southern Pines Animal Shelter Operations Manager.

Hundreds of pets go missing, trying to find safety from the outdoor chaos.

“We have seen in the past where dogs have actually been in the backyard where people were throwing firecrackers or those little bottle rockets, and it’s something small and fast that moves very fast by the dog, and they may have the urge to chase it,” says Sammons.

Here are a few things that you can do to be sure that your pet isn’t visiting the shelter on July 5th.

Sammons advises if you have outdoor animals, bring them inside just for this one night.

If you have indoor animals, you should move them into an interior room of the house. “A lot of times people will have company over, and with people coming in and out of your home, a dog can very easily slip right past someone without you even noticing and get out.”

It’s also very helpful to have your contact information on your pet’s collar. So if your pet is found by a shelter, you can quickly retrieve it without cost.

Sammons also says one of the most important things that a lot of people don’t think about is when they get the huge surge of animals on the 5th, it displaces the homeless animals that really need the shelters.

Lastly, for animals with anxiety due to loud noises, placing them in a room with a television or radio on will help drown out the frightening sound of the fireworks.

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