Second Train Derails in Lumberton

Second Train Derails in Lumberton (Image 1)
Second Train Derails in Lumberton (Image 1)

LUMBERTON, Miss. – Almost a week after the ten car derailment at the Industrial Parkway Crossing, another train derails in Lumberton, MS.

It happened Sunday around 5 p.m., near the same spot as last week’s derailment.

An MDOT representative says two wheels went off rail when a general freight train was preparing to switch tracks.

The train was going eastbound, and delayed a New Orleans-bound Amtrak.

The Amtrak was forced to transport it’s passengers via bus the rest of the way.

After a few hours, the trains were back in route.

MDOT says the two derailments are not in relation to each other, and the problematic switch is being replaced this week.

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