Sumrall Recycling Removes Bins in Laurel

Sumrall Recycling Removes Bins in Laurel (Image 1)
Sumrall Recycling Removes Bins in Laurel (Image 1)

LAUREL, Miss. – Sumrall gave notice last week that the cost of having the bin provider and deliverer transport the recycled material to them, was costing too much.

“They would provide the bins in 2 locations in laurel, and they would transport the recyclables back to their plant,” said Mayor Johnny Magee

It also cost Sumrall more to sort and dispose of trash thrown in with the recyclables. Mayor Magee says that they’ve encountered many problems with people putting trash in the recycling bins.

The city is having a hard time finding ways to educate and promote correct recycling.

He says they’ve been trying to get a solid recycling program going since about 1995.

The city is taking contact information and suggestions from citizens on how to help solve this on going issue.

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