Jones County Cold Case

Jones County Cold Case (Image 1)
JONES COUNTY, Miss. – For some, today is just another Monday, but for the family of Henry Charles Adcock, it is the painful anniversary of losing their loved one.

“One year is not too long, but then the second year came along, and then here it is a third year, and you just kind of feel hopeless at times if they’ll ever find who did it,” said Sue Lee, the victim’s sister.

On the morning of June 23, 2011, Adcock who was the manager of city pawn in Waynesboro was found shot and killed in his Ellisville home.

“Originally it was a welfare check to check on Mr. Adcock because we had been notified that the pawn shop where he worked had been burglarized,” explained Jones County Investigator, Thad Windham.

After repeated calls went unanswered, they knew something was wrong. 

“it just felt like somebody had something against him and they just took it out on him in a brutal way,” Lee said.

His family says everyone knew him for his friendliness and love of animals.

“Everybody that I talked to says that they just really thought a lot of him, that he was a friend to a lot of people, had helped a lot of people out in the past,” Lee stated.

The county has only had one murder since Adcock’s death, they’ve dedicated much of their time in these 3 years to his case.

“It is being developed on a daily bases, myself as well as other investigators are constantly looking into these leads as they come to us,” Investigator Windham said.

And as for his family, faith has not waivered his daughter has kept up the facebook page named, “Who Killed The Pine Belt City Pawn Manager” since 2012.

“I still have hope but I’m getting older, I’d like to think before I die that it would be solved, and I would know, I’d have some peace of mind knowing that somebody that was responsible for this was caught.” 

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