Hattiesburg Zoo Puts To Sleep ‘Tigger The Tiger’

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – A sad loss for the Hattiesburg zoo as they have had to lay to rest one of the main attractions.

Tigger was a 17-year-old siberian tiger who was born and raised in the zoo. 

“Professionally it’s always a a hard call to make but it’s something you have to do for the best interest of the animal,” says Katie Barry, a zoo curator.

Barry also says Tigger suffered from arthritis, and had been on medication for years. After many consultations from veterinarians, it was decided that she should be put to sleep.

This weekend, some regular zoo visitors came to place flowers and a stuffed tiger outside the exhibit in memory of Tigger.

There zoo still has tigers on exhibition. Sinta and Kuasa are 2-year-old Sumatran tigers. They can be seen Tuesday through Sunday.

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