Hattiesburg Police Dept. Adds To Force

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – There’s an old saying, “As the temperature rises, so does crime.” Hattiesburg Police Department hopes to be prepared with its now 111 officer force. Sixteen officers graduated from its academy, last week.

The new additions are eager to get out and start patrolling. 

“Every time we can add just one officer, we look at that as a plus,” says Lt. Traxler, Public Information Officer.

 Even though they’ve upped their numbers, the department is still about 30 officers shy of what it was previously allowed.

“We’d love to have an officer on every street all throughout the city. Unfortunately we can’t, but we’ll take what we can,” says Traxler.

 The department has already begun taking applications for the next class of recruits. They are scheduled to begin in December.

“And maybe we can look into filling other positions in the department. Maybe detectives, training academy, things like that.”

For now, they remind the community to be aware of their belongings as they try to spread the new patrollers around the city. 

Applications for the next class of recruits are being accepted until August 1st at the Human Resources Department.

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