Pets Available for Adoption

This slideshow features “furbabies” available for adoption from the Hub City Humane Society.

The Hub City Humane Society is dedicated to provide compassionate care of homeless, neglected and abused animals. We strive to maintain the highest quality of services to the community by relieving the pain and suffering of all animals brought into our care. We are an open admission animal shelter where an animal is never turned away due to health or physical space limitations. We will engage the public and actively increase public awareness of animal welfare issues as well as work to prevent cruelty and promote kindness towards animals. Programs such as equine therapy, after-school training and riding programs, and humane oriented summer camps are just a few of the offerings that will increase community involvement which is our number one goal. Our organization collaborates with rescue and animal welfare organizations both locally and nationally and promises to maintain this high level of performance through continued training and education for management and staff.


To Adopt any of these pets, please contact the Hub City Humane Society:

Phone:  601-596-2206


Hub City Humane Society Facebook Page

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